1. Good Bad Girl

From the recording Good Bad Girl


I might get a little crazy
And stay out way too late
But I can get up in the mornin’
N’ bake you a mean ass cake
From a cold beer can
To the finest wine
From church to the bar I’m a damn good time
The kind girl you don’t just ‘date’
I’m a little bit of Tennesse Honey
Mixed with a little bit of gasoline
I’m salty and I’m sweet
I’m a hybrid living in a two tone world
I’m Jeckyl, I’m Hyde
I’m a good, bad girl
I can rock a little tight black dress
On a Saturday night
But Sunday morning I’ll be singing with the choir
Looking like the next door type
From hard to nail down
To a hopeless romantic
I got moves like a wild fanatic
The kinda girl you can’t just ‘like’
I’m a Good Bad Girl Lyric Sheet
I’ll be your wildest dreams
Keep you on your toes
So if you wanna ride with me
Boy you gotta know
I’m a hybrid living in a two tone world
I’m the devil with a halo
It’s a tilt-a-whirl
I’m Jeckyl, I’m Hyde
Black and white
I’m a good, bad girl